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Inground pool opening
  • Inspec the general condition of the pool, liner, equipment and accessories

  • Piping connection

  • Installation of equipment and accessories

  • Start the filtration system

  • Adding chemicals and balancing the water (optional)

  • Winter cover removal (optional)

  • First cleaning service (optional)

Inground pool closure
  • Lowering the water level

  • Complete draining of pipes and addition of antifreeze liquid

  • Empty and blow out the filter and the pump

  • Removal of accessories and equipment

  • Styrofoam installation for skimmer

  • Winterizing the water heater or heat pump

  • Addition of winter chemical kit

  • Winter cover installation (optional)

Weekly inground pool maintenance
  • Vacuum of the bottom of the pool

  • Collecting debris from the surface of the water

  • Brushing the walls

  • Cleaning the Skimmer Basket and Pump Basket

  • Backwash cleaning

  • Cleaning the filter cartridges (if applicable)

  • Summary check of the filtration system and accessories

  • Possibility of bi-weekly maintenance

Inground pool repair service
  • Pipe replacement

  • Motor repair

  • Pump repair and replacement

  • Sand filter change

  • Heat pump repair and diagnostics

  • Salt system repair

Installation service
  • New filtration system

  • Complete salt system

  • Heat pump

  • Water heater (gas and electric)

Accessories sale
  • Robot cleaners

  • Cleaning accessories

  • Solar blanket

  • Heat pump

  • Steps, ladders, ramps

  • etc.